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Welcome to The Small World travel podcast! Our host, D'Tanga Small, interviews amateur and avid travellers from all over the world to give their travel stories a platform, and to give you a view into a world you may not have known before. 

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    Grand Place - Brussels, Belgium

    A Tribute to Brussels

    It was December 11th, 2014 when I arrived to Brussels. On my very first day arriving, I met a Belgian who worked at the hostel ...
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    Rogers Centre (Skydome) - Toronto, Canada

    Being a Traveller: At Home

    The cold brings the quiet. The clouds bring a certain calm. It’s a familiar feeling, comforting even. Exactly one month ago, I returned to Toronto ...
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    Being Alone: Abroad

    I think that there is a common misconception of how awesome my life is. The reason I began to travel was because I wanted to ...
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    Niagara Falls, Canada

    Being a Canadian: Abroad

    When I was growing up, I never understood how Canadian values, politics and the lifestyle compared to other countries. When you’re born in Toronto, you’re ...
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    Drained shot glass on fire

    There was that time I quit drinking for 1 year

    Alcohol. It’s positives and negatives are debated on almost a daily basis but I will safely assume that most adults (and teenagers, let’s be real) ...
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