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I Am D’Tanga

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Hey! I’m D’Tanga Small, host of The Small World Podcast. I’d like to claim that making a travel podcast was always my goal, but the truth is that I didn’t even start travelling seriously until 5 years ago!

At the beginning of 2013, my actions were motivated by one sentence: “Let’s see if I can do it.” That’s why I stopped drinking any and all alcohol for that calendar year. A lot happened in that year: I lost a lot of weight, I got a good job for a university student and I applied for a study exchange in Jönköping, Sweden. I was into the idea of adventure and I thought to myself again: “Let’s see if I can do it.”

My 5 months in Sweden changed me in a lot of ways. For one, I finished my drinking fast but beyond that, I explored the small university town with 60 other people that I lived with. I became close with them. I used any time that I had off to travel around Europe (thank you Ryanair!) Then it all ended. I came back to my home in Toronto and felt what could only be described as withdrawal symptoms. I missed experiencing new foods, seeing completely different architecture but most of all, I missed meeting people who were doing the same thing as me: Experiencing a new city with strangers.

Since my return, I’ve lived in both Belgium and Spain and visited 25 countries – aiming for 30 countries before 30 years old! My love of travel hasn’t changed, it’s just manifested differently. I’m lucky enough to talk to travellers from around the world and hear their stories and their passions through this podcast. Now I’m fortunate enough to share these stories with you, so thank you for tuning in! I hope you feel inspired to travel to new places, meet amazing people and experience new things that you didn’t know existed. If not for the adventure and the excitement of it all, then for one thought that I hope permeates through you:

“Let’s see if I can do it.”

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